About Us

One of the reasons I moved to Amsterdam is for the casual cycling culture. It’s beautiful. Here, bikes aren’t just a sport or a toy for children—they’re a tool for getting around in the most relaxed, convenient, practical way possible.

Dutch bikes (or omafiets, Dutch for "grandma bike") encourage this: The upright sitting posture is comfortable, dignified, and even feels regal. Everything you need is included: racks to carry groceries (and people!), lights, a kickstand, a bell, etc. They’re shockingly sturdy—the build quality puts American bikes to shame. And of course, the design: Time-tested, stylish, effortlessly sexy.

I want to help introduce this lifestyle to the United States. Each bike sold is one step closer to Americans embracing the pervasive, futuristic, and strikingly humane cycling culture that makes the Netherlands such a pleasant place to be and get around.

—Zach Katz, owner