Why Dutch Bikes Are Better (and why you should want one)

Our #1 bestselling bike

As featured in the NotJustBikes video above.

  • Ridiculously comfortable

    If you've only ridden American bikes, the moment you first sit on a Dutch bike will be a revelation. The swept handlebars keep your arms relaxed, the seat is plush like your favorite leather armchair, and the upright posture keeps you alert and open to the world. It's like "walking on wheels," as the Dutch say.

  • Everything you need

    No more worrying about finding and installing a bunch of accessories— Dutch bikes comes with all the essentials already attached: A kickstand (park it anywhere!), front and back lights, fenders, a chain guard, front and rear racks (perfect for groceries—or even people), a bell...and way, way more.

  • The definition of durable

    Thanks to built-in chain guards, fenders, internal hubs, and powder-coated steel/aluminum construction, Dutch bikes last forever, with virtually zero maintenance required. Plus, you can ride them—or keep them out overnight—in the rain or snow, completely worry-free.